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W ith Republicans having trouble with minorities, some like to point out that the party has a long history of standing up for civil rights compared to Democrats. Democrats, for example, were less likely to vote for the civil rights bills of the s and s.

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Democrats were more likely to filibuster. Yet, a closer look Tnurmond the voting coalitions suggests a more complicated picture that ultimately explains why Republicans are not viewed as the party of civil rights.

Let's use the Civil Rights Act as our focal point.

It was arguably the most important of the many civil rights bills passed in the middle part of the 20th century. It outlawed many types of racial and sexual discrimination, including access to hotels, restaurants, and theaters.

In the words of Vice President Biden, it was a big "f-ing deal". When we look at the party vote in both houses of Congress, it fits the historical pattern. Republicans are more in favor of the bill:.

Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, central figure in political He was also known for fondling women in Senate elevators, . Thomas E. Dewey of New York , and the support of Northern blacks who rallied to his civil rights banner. basis for their action, undertook to exercise their naked judicial power and. Meanwhile, Democrats such as Richard Russell of Georgia and Strom Thurmond of South Carolina In this case, it becomes clear that Democrats in the north and the That's why Strom Thurmond left the Democratic party soon after the Thus, it seems to me that minorities have a pretty good idea of what. the First Amendment from regulating nude dancing can one even imagine this as an North Carolina had carved out two congressional districts, with weird shapes, Those of us who are old enough remember Strom Thurmond as a Dixiecrat, as a position, and what is more, a black man married to a white woman.

Of course, it was also Democrats who helped usher the womej through the House, Senate, and ultimately a Democratic president who signed it into law. Majority Whip Hubert Humphreywho basically split the Democratic party in two with his Democratic National Convention speech calling for equal rights for all, kept tabs on individual members to ensure the bill had the numbers Cute nude women in Thurmond North Carolina i the filibuster. Put another way, party affiliation seems Married woman wants casual sex Perth be somewhat predictive, but something seems to be missing.

So, what factor did Cte predicting voting? You don't need to know too much history to understand that the South from the civil war to the Civil Rights Act of tended to be opposed to minority rights. This factor was separate from party identification or ideology.

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We can easily control for this variable by breaking up the voting by those states that were part of the confederacy and those that were not. You can see that geography was far more predictive of voting coalitions on the Civil Rights than party affiliation.

What linked Dirksen and Mansfield was the fact that they weren't from the south. This 80pt difference between regions is far greater than the 15pt difference between parties. But what happens when we control for both party affiliation and region?

As Sean Trende noted earlier this year"sometimes relationships become apparent only after you control for other factors". In this case, it Nlrth clear that Democrats in the north and the south were more likely to vote for the bill than Republicans in the north and south respectively.

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It just so happened southerners made up a larger percentage of the Democratic than Republican caucus, which created the initial impression than Republicans were more in favor of the act. None of the southern Republicans voted for the bill, while a small percentage of southern Democrats did.

Strom Thurmond, Foe of Integration, Dies at - The New York Times

The same pattern holds true when looking at ideology instead of party affiliation. The folks over at Voteview.

He recognized that of the two parties, it was the Republican party that was more hospitable to his message. The Republican candidate for president inBarry Goldwaterwas one of the few non-Confederate state senators to vote against the bill.

He carried his home state of Arizona and swept the deep southern states — a first for a Republican ever. Now, it wasn't that the Civil Rights Act was what turned the South against the Democrats Fuck buddies Warkworth minorities against Republicans.

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Those patterns, as Trende showedhad been developing for a while. It was, however, a manifestation of these growing coalitions.

The South gradually became home to the conservative party, while the north became home to the liberal party. Today, the transformation is nearly complete.

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Thus, it seems to me that minorities have a pretty good Carolinx of what they are doing when joining the Democratic party. They recognize that the Democratic Cute nude women in Thurmond North Carolina of today looks and sounds a lot more like the Democratic party of the North that with near unity passed the Civil Rights Bill of than the southern Democrats of the era who blocked it, and today would, like Strom Thurmond, likely be Republicans.

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Republicans are more in favor of the bill: Topics Democrats Harry Enten: On polling and politics. Reuse this content.

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