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Any cute chubby girls out there

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Bad geans maybe.

Age: 39
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Men I need more of your anonymous blatant honesty. Summer is coming. In all, men responded, totaling 19, words, which, to give you an idea, is 34 pages of writing, single-spaced. I love a fit woman. Big old chubbers do nothing for me.

Most men do. These messages stuck out, however, and it got to the point where I could instantly tell if a man was either unhappily married or single just by his tone.

This is a lesson men have a greater appreciation for with age. I have hundreds of quotes from men expressing this sentiment, and even more importantly, recognizing the superior significance of other traits like kindness, fidelity, resilience, gkrls or childbearing and -rearing in their mate.

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The biggest she got when pregnant was aboutand even then, I was still physically attracted to her, wanted to fuck her and still cherished her as my companion. She was carrying our child for Chrissake.

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For instance:. She battles depression over it. Very much so.

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Would she be hotter if she got into better shape? So would I. My wife is my best friend and my partner in this crappy world.

I hope that my daughters see that and want the same for themselves. We can know he means it.

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Bridget Phetasy is a contributing writer at MEL. She formerly wrote for Playboy. For instance: