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"INVADER" a sailing museum.

Stepping onboard INVADER means boarding into history, a history of more than 100 years that passed trough lights and shadows, trophies and disasters, movie stars and smugglers but mainly trough great sea lovers.
Its elegant lines designed in 1905 by Albert Stanton Chesebrough, could easly worth her the title of "American Legend" that sailed through 100 years of fascinating history emerging from the past in all its glory.

She won numerous trophies and set record of the Transpac in 1926, was a movie star toghether with Douglas Fairbanks in a feature film, cradle of love for Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard, she was used as a patrol boat during the war, gambling house and restaurant even as cruise ship.

With its 50 mts of L.O.A. and its 1024 m2 of sails, INVADER, despite its years , continues to be a vessel with high speed performances thanks to the refit operation managed by Com. Mussone that brought her back to the glory days with modern tecnologies without changing the charmful original interiors restored by dedicated craftmen.

This website, guards its historical heritage following its stormy 100 years that has been reconstructed with the help of many passionate contributors that we thank and the videos and more than 100 pictures that are contained here testify the beauty of thsi ssailing monument that we want to share with you all.

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